Wreck The Bloodline (LP) Clan Destine Records 2018
NN SRVM 179 (Cass) Third Type Tapes 2017

Orphan Swords:
Ascent (LP), Hedonic Reversal 2019
License to Desire reissue + remixes (2xEP) Aurora Borealis 2017
How Good It Is To Know You're Like Me 
(Cass) Instruments Of Discipline 2017
The Rise Of Liquid Alternatives (Cass) +Nurse+ 2016
Weehawken (EP) Clan Destine 2016
License to Desire (EP, CD) Desire 2015
Risk In a New Age (EP) Desire 2014
Räum Remixes ‎(12") Idiosyncratics 2014
Caim | Zepar | Beleth (Cass) Idiosyncratics 2013
Dantalion | Räum (Cass) Idiosyncratics 2013

Yannick Franck:
Yannick Franck presents Mt Gemini - Just Like A River (LP), Sub Rosa 2019
The Utmost Night (3" CD) Taâlem 2014
Hierophany | Иерофания (CD), Monochrome Vision 2012
Memorabilia (CD) Silken Tofu 2011
The Staircase Continuum (CDr) Young Girls 2011
The Basement Continuum (CDr + USB stick) 2011
Austral (LP) Onement 2010

Outlaw Compound:
New Primitive (Cass) Zamzam Records, 2017

Yannick Franck & Craig Hilton - Flowers For L.P. (CD) Idiosyncratics 2013
Yannick Franck & Pietro Riparbelli - Whinny Muir (CD) Silentes 2011
Yannick Franck & Jari Suominen - Mustalampi (EP) 2011
Manxome (with Lucille Calmel) - All the Infections That the Sun Sucks Up (CDr) Tilt 2008
Craig Hilton & Yannick Franck - A~matra (CDr) Young Girls 2007

Black Swords:
The Future Of The Sun (12") Noiztank, 2017

Disincarnation (CDr) FFHHH 2010
Seeds of Dharma (CDr) Kaspar Hauser 2010
Collision Zone (CD) Idiosyncratics 2009
From Gold Falls a Bad Rain (CD) Humpty Dumpty 2009
Transience (CDr) Social Fashion 2006
Geneva (CDr) Amorf Sounds 2005


Conformity Is Sanity ‎(CDr) Idiosyncratics 2003